Pre/ Postnatal Fitness in Bakersfield



Focusing on breathing and lifting techniques to get woman back into fitness after having a baby.  Healing the body, not just trying to lose the baby weight.  After an initial consult your program can be created, offering individual guidance and coaching for your personal needs.


The environment we offer is perfect for both you and your baby to be in.  We have a separate kids area that is within view of where you will be working out so your child is never out of view from you.  Offering both prenatal and postnatal fitness in Bakersfield, which means we can get you back to working out in a safe way that does not compromise your body.  If you are currently pregnant we can help too, with our Prenatal Fitness in Bakersfield you can still train and prepare your body for what is to come, as well as be ahead of the game after baby.  We are here to help.

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