Online Virtual Training

Weekly Workout Schedule

5 workouts posted every week to our premium Drop Fitness Gold Instagram account.  Minimal equipment needed and scaling options explained.

1 HR Monthly Video Chat

Initial consultation to learn about goals, limitations and initial introduction.  Meal planning structure and education, to teach how to build a meal plan that compliments your fitness goals.  Continued monthly check in calls and measurements.

Meal Planning and Eduction

Physical fitness is half the battle, the other half that will help you reach your goals is what you put in your body.  We will calculate how much you should be eating and then build a framework of meals that you can choose from to make.  These meals will support your lean body mass and physical activity but not the fat!

Demonstration and Scaling Videos

Through our Drop Fitness Gold Instagram account, you will receive workout videos and scaling options for each workout.  These videos included the workout and what the intended goal is for the workout, each movement with a demonstration as well as scaling options to complete the workout if certain movements can not yet be performed.